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Ryan Richardson

 Ryan has been practicing since 2000; Ryan has completed the 5 year post 

graduate, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners program from the Canadian College 

of Osteopathy. Recently, Ryan completed his research dissertation titled 

"Neurocognitive Effect of Cranial Osteopathy Within the Concussed Population". 

The data yielded substantial information of interest including; cranial osteopathy 

decreased symptoms of those suffering from a concussion three times faster 

than the control group. These result have further fuelled Ryan's passion and 

dedication to the subject and he continues to work extensively with the 

concussed population."

Ryan has specialized in “athlete care”, he has worked 9 years in the Jr. A. 

Hockey ranks as a therapist, for both the Stouffville Spirit and the Newmarket 

Hurricane organizations. He had national experience with elite amateur athletes 

at the 2002 Canada Summer Games. Ryan spent 6 seasons, as an integral 

member of Toronto Blue Jays medical team."

Ryan was named to the international medical team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ryan has a unique knowledge base and skill set, that looks at the body as one 

whole identity. Ryan looks forward to facilitating the inner physician to achieve 

“OPTIMAL HEALTH” within everyone he works with.!

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Norma Richardson

Norma has been working in the field of transformational therapy for the past twenty years. She has gained expertise in a variety of Specialized Kinesiologies including Educational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, One Brain. Norma has also spent many years studying vibrational healing, in the form of Radionics, Hands on Healing, and Access Consciousness. Experience has allowed Norma the ability to resonate with the correct energies, intuitively connecting with the needs of her clients. Norma believes that connecting and healing through the heart allows the person to open and feel safe. A relaxed state of mind and body is the vehicle to opening the eye into the subconscious, which holds the knowledge of our history.


Kristen Kunsch

Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.), & Reiki Master

I’ve always had a love of helping people.

From a very young age I knew I had the  potential to tap into something beyond our conscious mind. Not knowing  at the time how to nurture it I lost contact with that part of myself.  Through my passion to help others and massage therapy being the start of  it all, I’ve been on a path to get back to the place where I can reach  the subconscious mind in order to help clients reach their full health  potential.

I graduated from the Canadian College  of Massage and Hydro Therapy with honours. I knew going through the  massage therapy program it would provide me an opportunity to learn in  great detail more about the human body and how we work. And for the past  10 years I’ve been able to apply that knowledge to provide healing to  my clients.

Along my path I’ve been blessed to of  found Reiki and all of its wonderful positive energy. On my journey to  become a Reiki Master I truly began to understand the power of the mind,  body and soul connection and I’ve been able to align myself and nurture  the incredible gift I had lost.

As I continue to grow and learn to be  my best self, I am eager for you to build upon being your best self  through our journey together.

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