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About Concussions

By definition, is a traumatic force causing an altered state of mind that may or may not be accompanied by a loss of consciousness.

Research supports, the role of cerebral spinal fluid may hold some secrets to post concussion and second impact syndromes.  Trauma to the head will cause a change in the Ph of the cerebral spinal fluid.  The change in the Ph alters the manner in which the neurotransmitters (brain communicators) work.  It is important to ensure the cranial bones are on axis and going through their subtle movement to help mechanically pump/circulate the fluid. Secondly the venous sinuses must be free of restrictions allowing for proper drainage of the cranium.  Thirdly, the dural linings that act as a suspensatory mechanism must be free moving and tension free.  Finally the Ventricular system should be properly aligned in order to produce nutrient rich cerebral spinal fluid and absorb the Ph altered cerbral spinal fluid.


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